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2017 Reading Goals

BooksWithEms Kindle and fairy lightsYou might have noticed that reviews and content on this blog have been quite sparse towards the end of 2016. I went into this a little bit on Twitter and Instagram but basically I decided not to post for the sake of uploading something.

I felt like I was posting things I wasn’t happy with but I was only doing it because I had a schedule to stick to. So I stopped.

2017 however is a new year, and I want to take a new attitude to this blog. so without further ado, here are my goals and plans for this blog for 2017.

Read 1 book a month

I am not setting a reading goal as such on Goodreads this year but instead I am giving myself the goal of reading one book a month. This is so I don’t have the pressure of reading so many books, but it still gives me a bit of motivation to keep reading.

Read all books on my to review TBR shelf

This kinda takes away the point of my first goal, but I set this goal because i don’t want to spend money on books. Being a student I have little money as it is and I am also currently saving to move out when I graduate in the summer. This is why I want to focus on my TBR shelf and Netgalley TBR.

Give more indepth reviews

I used to think that shorter straight to the point reviews were better because it’s what I prefer when reading one. But as a journalist and blogger I want to try and expand my writing skills and share more indepth reviews on this blog.

Start the Harry Potter series

So I know I have been saying it for ages and I am still yet to pick them up – despite buying the whole series. But this year I want to read the first book at least before the book community decides to toss me out for ignoring what is considered the best series ever!

Don’t feel pressured to blog/read

As I explained I haven’t been reading, reviewing or blogging on this blog for awhile now and that is purely because I fell out of love with this blog. It became a chore which is never good. So that’s why as soon as it no longer becomes fun I am going to take a break. I want to use this blog to post my reviews and talk about things in the book community I am interested in, rather than feeling pressured to post a certain amount of times a week. Some months you might get five posts, others none. I want this blog to be about quality not quantity.

I hope you will all support me with this new approach to Books With Ems. If you want to see more from me then check out my Lifestyle blog .

What are your reading goals for 2017 and if you have a blog what are your blogging goals?

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5 thoughts on “2017 Reading Goals

  1. These are great goals, especially the Harry Potter one!
    Definitely agree with the Good Reads goal, it can be motivating but at the same time it can also feel like a chore at times.


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