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Today is the day I bare all and confess to some bookish secrets I have been hiding from you all. Hopefully, I am not alone and you share some of them with me.

I can never stay awake a night when reading

After around a chapter my eyes become heavy and that’s it. Next this I know is I have woken up with my book or kindle on the pillow next to me. I used to always read at night and now I am falling behind on my TBR for the year because I can’t stop falling asleep.

I don’t like givings books for review a bad rating

Before you all start yelling – if I don’t like a book I won’t give it a rating it does not deserve. But as a blogger I don’t like giving bad ratings or slating a book especially if I was kindly sent it by a publisher for review. I feel that as bloggers we want to work with PR companies and publishers and by giving them good ratings and reviews we can please them more. But of course as bloggers we should (and I do) give books an honest rating and review they deserve.


I prefer ebooks and physical books

I absolutely love my Kindle! Although books look pretty on shelves and it’s nice to have matching covers for Instagram pictures I much prefer to read on my Kindle. My Kindle is small and light and fits in my bag perfectly. It doesn’t get damaged and it allows me to read in dark rooms. I would choose it over a paperback any day.

I can go weeks without picking up a book

Hands up! I am guilty! Sometimes I just can’t be bothered reading and reviewing books. Not because I am in a reading slump but because I would much rather watch TV or sit on my laptop. If you don’t see a review for a while then this is probably why. I’m not in a slump I am just one lazy bookworm.

I’ve gone off books on my TBR

I am also super guilty of buying books and leaving them on my TBR for months sometimes years. This in turn can make me go off the idea of them by the time I can get around to picking it up. This doesn’t always mean I don’t read them, but like other readers I’m sure, I am more inclined to read books I have bought recently then years ago.

I hope you all don’t hate me too much for my bookish sins. What are your bookish confessions?

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4 thoughts on “Bookish Confessions

  1. I actually feel the same way about my kindle! I love physical books but I love my kindle because it’s just so easy and convenient to use. Besides, I don’t have many spaces for physical books at my place at the moment (😭) so thank god for kindle.


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