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Sunday Showcase: Goodreads

goodreads_screenshotSunday Showcase is a biweekly feature where I showcase anything bookish, it could be an underrated book, my favourite book subscription boxes, a book related gift idea or even another book blogger.

If you have no idea what Goodreads then where have you been! Goodreads is by far the best website for tracking what you read and finding about new books.

The website is a massive book database with information about pretty much every book under the sun. You can set reading goals, join clubs, enter giveaways as well as creating and doing quizzes/listicals.

Many people use Goodreads as a platform to share what they are reading, write reviews and find out about new books. But there is so much more that can be done!


Like any book blogger I use Goodreads to set a reading goal every year and track what I am reading. But I don’t just track what I am reading but categories it into bookshelves. With the new layout to the desktop version of Goodreads makes it easier to see what you are reading, your bookshelves and your goals.

Goodreads isn’t just about tracking your reading progress but also a social networking site that allows you to make friends, interact with others as well as see their reviews and what they are reading. For me this is a brilliant way to find out about new books or recommendations you might like.

If you’re not on Goodreads then definitely think about signing up, it’s free and can be done using Facebook.

If you already have an account then feel free to add me as a friend – always up for having new book friends in my life.

Why do you love Goodreads?

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