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Guest Post: YA series that are worth the hype by Mel Eaglestone


The lovely blogger Melissa from Meleaglestone.co.uk was kind enough to offer to do a guest post for me. I have recently been following her posts and love how she writes and shares all types of posts, not just book related. When I asked her to do a post about some YA series she likes I was so happy she said yes! Enjoy her post and make sure you check her out!

We’ve all been there, you’re bumming around the book blogging community and you’ve seen this new YA novel series that everyone seems to be posting those amazing insta-snaps of and you just can’t wait to get your hands on it. You spot the first one in your local book shop and you practically march over to the till because everyone else is reading these books and you really want to get in on the hype. You take it home, make yourself a brew and settle down reading waiting for your mind to be blown because so many other people can’t be wrong, right? This is the new Harry Potter, this is the series that is going to change your lie. This is the book that will have you weeping in the middle and cheering at the end because you know there’s still more to come.

Well, you get into the first few chapters and you start thinking to yourself: this is a bit crap.

These characters are false, the setting flimsy and you can’t bring yourself to get even reading to the end of the first book because there’s still another two or three in the series. How can people think this stuff is amazing when there’s such a Goddess as JK Rowling on this Earth who does actually write stories that change lives. How can people even fathom to compare to your leader and idol with the drivel? Babe, I hear’s ya.

There’s just so many book series out there that, in my opinion, are fake-hyped by readers who have no concept of what is actually a really good series. You can invest time in a book and feel like you have to read the rest of the series just to find out if it can get any worse, or better. I was the same with Twilight because I read that book before everyone in the UK caught on and by the time Breaking Dawn came out I was totally done. I mean, Renesme – please.

Luckily I’m here to give you my two pence on the book series that are actually worth it, you’ve probably heard of them before and you may have even read them but hey some people haven’t and it’s about time we started picking out YA series that aren’t shells of what could be a decent story.


The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I was all Miss. Cynical about this series from day one – who wants to read a YA series about some kids trying to kill eachother in a dystopian society setting. Surely, we’re done with dystopian and The Hunger Games is a complete rip of Battle Royale anyway? Nope.

I picked up all three for cheap with a book shop sale just after the initial hype had died down and I’m still in love the books to this day. I remember getting to the end of the first one and immediately picking up the second like it was no big deal, I can binge-read in a day and totally survive work with a book hangover the next morning. I’d finished Catching Fire within that night and was counting down the seconds on the clock in my office so I could run home to start on Mockingjay. This series is my new Harry Potter because it’s the only other book series I’ve read twice and would read for a third time.

I actually ship Katniss/Peeta and I have no shame whatsoever. This series just has everything for me, desperation, adventure, love, and excitement – urgh. Although I think the films are really well-made in their own right if you haven’t read these books then I say put down that DVD and read them first instead because you will glean so much more from Katniss within the pages than on screen.


The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

I’m only read two books into this series but I’m really loving it so far. I tend to find that when I like a series I’ll keep the books stashed away for rainy days when I want something I know I’ll enjoy to read. Also, I’m finding it quite hard to come across the right book I’m missing in the series in book shops at the moment and I’m thinking that’s because it’s so popular.

Right, so the covers aren’t that great but if you want some twisted fairy tales in a futuristic setting then look no further my friend. Cinder sets the books up to be something great and from what I’ve read so far I doubt the quality will dip as I go on. Personally, I would ignore any and all hype about this on places like Tumblr and just lock yourself up somewhere and enjoy because you will certainly be transported to a new world if you just let your imagination run with it.


Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas

Sarah J Maas is my new queen! I met her at a book signing last year and she was the loveliest author I’ve ever met. I hadn’t read the first book in this series as she signed it but as soon as I was home I tucking into this like it was my favourite meal and there was a worldwide shortage of super duper cheesy nachos.

If you’re getting into this don’t get pulled into the shipping hype of the main characters because you really want to make your own opinion about them. Celaena kicks butt so hard and she’s become one my favourite female leads.

I could go on and on about how much I like this series but I won’t because that would a) bore you to death and b) take your time away from actually going out and reading it. If you want fantasy and adventure then go for this series because it was a right old meal and there’s plenty of pages to get through.


The Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch

‘Kay so this isn’t technically young adult but the series has a very YA feel so it deserves a mentioned. Currently, there are six books in the series and I own five of them on my bookshelf of which I’ve still got one to read because I save these for special occasions. I heart-emoji this series so bad because I feel that it’s a very good leap from reading the younger end of YA to the older more grown-up end. Also, I really distaste crime-novels and this series is the only one I can bring myself to read and I don’t even care that it’s technically a crime-drama because it’s a fantasy series.

These books have been described as Harry Potter for grown-ups so as you can imagine I was in there like a shot when the first novel came out. Ben Aaronovitch actually used to write for Doctor Who so his work basically combines two of my great loves to create a magic/fantasy detective/crime series that just keeps on going. Personally, I think this series is under hyped because not many bloggers I’ve come across know about it but from the reviews I’ve read of the books I agree with nearly all of them so that’s something when you don’t feel like other people are lying to you about exactly how much they enjoyed something.

So, that’s me and the YA book series that I feel are really worth the hype. Have you read some of them before? Or, have you not read some of them but you’re really excited to? Hop over to my blog at www.meleaglestone.co.uk to tell me all about it.

All photos taken by Mel

Thank you to Mel for the guest post – do you agree with her choices? What series do you think are worth the hype?

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2 thoughts on “Guest Post: YA series that are worth the hype by Mel Eaglestone

  1. Rivers of London has an awesome cover! And with the tagline ‘Harry Potter for grown-ups’, how am I supposed to not read them?!

    Nice idea to have a guest post now and then to change things up a bit. I might look at doing something similar something in future. 🙂


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