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Sunday Showcase: My Kindle

Sunday Showcase

Sunday Showcase is a biweekly feature where I showcase anything bookish, it could be an underrated book, my favourite book subscription boxes, a book related gift idea or even another book blogger.

When the kindle first came out I was one of those readers who decided that it wasn’t going to be a hit, it wouldn’t compare to an actual book and I would never get one… I now own a kindle paperwhite and she is called Alaska.

I wanted to showcase my Kindle this week because despite my hesitance I actually love her. I named my kindle Alaska as she holds many books I am yet to read – like the character Alaska from my favourite book Looking for Alaska by John Green.

As a book blogger with a bookstagram account reading a lot of my books on kindle can be a problem as it means when it comes to blog posts and Instagram all of my pictures are of kindles and not the pretty paperback books with glossy front covers. But despite this Alaska has been a blessing.

Not only has my kindle enabled me to buy more cheaper ebooks as a student and save money, but it has opened me up to the opportunity that is NetGalley – an online directory where you can request books to review from publishers – most of which come in the form of an ebook.

You ma have noticed as well from my previous posts that I am currently away on holiday and as somebody who travels around a lot I don’t know what I would do without my kindle. I love taking physical books with me when I go away but these are heavy so with luggage limits its not always practical, plus they can get ruined n the journey. Alaska allows me to store thousands of books in a small case which for me if perfect.

But non of these points are my favourite thing about Alaska. In fact my favourite thing is probably one that gets overlooked by so many people.

I am a person who likes to read before bed and reading with a light on can really hurt my eyes when I am tried, and it can make me even more tired.  With Alaska, I can get into bed, turn the lights off and still read with the gentle, adjustable light on the screen. I find that I read a kindle book faster than a physical book because I can read late into the night with the lights off and not have a bright light hurting my eyes.

Although there is the downfall of it needs charging every so often and if you forget your charger on a long holiday you are screwed – but this is never really a problem for me.

I love Alaska and I don’t know what my reading life would be like without her.

If you have a Kindle have you given it a name? Also what is your favourite thing about your kindle/ereader?



8 thoughts on “Sunday Showcase: My Kindle

  1. I definitely prefer books over e-readers, but I use my kindle (unnamed I’m afraid) for free/99p books to help broaden my reading horizons. Although I have the older version of kindle, not paperwhite. Slightly regretting it as it doesn’t have an in-built light like yours does though!


    1. I know why didn’t they think about a light with the first models! I love using mine to read at night. Amazon is great for free ebooks of classics as well which is great because they’re expensive to buy sometimes


  2. I have a kindle too and I love it so very much! I do not have a name for it, though. I really need to think of one! I do agree that is very portable and easy to get on vacations. Also, about the NatGalley point! It is so true. I love the name Alaska 🙂


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