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Problems when reading on holiday

If you are going on a relaxing sun, sand and sea type of holiday then the odds are you will be taking some books with you to keep you entertained by the pool. As much as this is a good idea, reading on holiday can cause a few problems for yourself and the books.

Choosing the books

If you have an endless supply of books on your TBR then picking which few books you will take with you on your journey can be a stressful problem. This problem can be made easier if you have a kindle but you still don’t want to neglect those shinny books on your shelf. What if you don’t like the book you take and want to read something else? What if you don’t like the genre’s you have chosen to take with you? Not only do you need extra options but you need variety in your choice. This brings me onto the next problem.



Sadly if you don’t own a form of ereader then you a very imitated to how many books you can take due to airline weight limits on luggage. Sure you can take 10 books with you but that might mean leaving behind some clothes for paying for an extra bag. I prefer to keep my books in my hand luggage for easy access and to prevent damage but this limits me to around 3 to 4 books.


Taking books abroad with you can lead to them being bashed about in your suitcase or hand luggage which inevitably will create a bit of wear and tear – which if you are like me you will want to cry when you see your spine has been broken of the front cover ripped. If they make it through the flight then great, but the damage might not stop there.

It is so easy on holiday to just chuck everything in a beach bag and head out, but one wrong move and your books will end up dog eared, covered in sun cream or scratched from your room key.


Sun cream and water do not mix with books

Even if you are careful not to get your book covered in sun cream in your beach bag the excess from your hands will still reach the covers and pages of your new novel. All it takes is a couple oily fingers or for somebody to put it down on a wet towel – or even worse in a puddle on the floor and its ruined.


If you can get away without damaging your books or don’t really mind the wear and tear then congratulations you can finally enjoy reading them whilst laying in the sun. But this too can cause some problems. Sunbeds aren’t the most comfy of contraptions so trying to get in a comfy positions, whilst reading a book, stopping the sun from hurting your eyes but also being wary of embarrassing tan lines – trust me you on’t want a book imprint on your stomach – you can end up in some rather uncomfortable positions.

Problems aside – reading is a great way to entertain yourself and wind down on holiday and if you haven’t guessed already you are better off travelling with an ereader in my opinion.

Do you have any tips for when reading abroad? Ereader or physical book – what’s your preference when travelling?




One thought on “Problems when reading on holiday

  1. An ebook is the best purchase I ever made because I travel on trains up and down the country quite a lot and carrying around heavy books when I’m trying to pack light is a real problem – I think I’d definitely be taking it with me on holiday and use it an excuse to buy more ebooks ha!

    Mel ★


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