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Books I feel pressured to read


Everybody has different reading habits, loves and loathes, but there is no doubt there are a few books in the literary world that I feel pressured to read not just from the book blogger/bookstagram community but also from friends and those who are shocked that I haven’t read these set books.


Harry Potter Series

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I have never read the Harry Potter series (but I do now own it). With the release of Cursed Child I can already feel this pressure growing. Not only to read the books but to also enjoy them. With the fanbase being so large and committed it is almost a sin not to like the novels. – The whole reason I bought them was out of pressure.

The ‘current hype’ book of the month

There will always those books or series that are hyped up all over the book community for a month or two that EVERYONE is reading and you kinda feel left out if you aren’t reading and discussing it as well. Some recent examples are; Cursed Child, Passenger, A Court of Mist and Fury, Me Before You, When We Collide – to be honest any book you see posted around 50 times on your bookstagram feed or is in every booktuber’s TBR for the month. I understand that there are popular books and there is nothing wrong with that but we shouldn’t feel pressured to read something just because everyone else is.



As a student who studied English throughout school, has a vast love for literature and runs a book blog I feel that there is a pressure to read more classics and understand them. I do try to read classically literature, and although I did not like some of which I read, I feel that there is still a pressure to understate the significance of that book and why it is a classic. – When in all honestly I have no clue what makes some classics so great and better than other books written in their time.

Favourite series everyone read years before you

There will also always be those series that everybody read when they first came out, and they will always be favourite series with fans that are still shocked that you haven’t read it 10 years down the line. Some examples of these are The Vampire Academy, The Mortal Instruments, A Series of unfortunate Events – and more recently series such as The Raven Boys and Throne of Glass. Although some of these I do want to get around to reading, it feels that if you haven’t already read them or waiting for the next book to come out then you need to play catch up.

I know I shouldn’t feel pressured to read anything, and I should read books purely because I want to and because they interest me but I can’t deny that this pressure is present in my day to day reading life from bookstagram to other bloggers and even from bookstores and my Amazon recommendations. It is great to read the same books as others and discus them but I feel the book community is becoming so similar in terms of content as we are all reading the same books and its hard to find somebody offering up a review of a book you haven’t already seen floating around the community.

Let me me know you feel pressured to read certain books or if you agree that the book community is becoming too repetitive because we are all reading the exact same things?

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10 thoughts on “Books I feel pressured to read

  1. I definitely agree on the pressure to read classics. Although I do enjoy them on occasion, some are really boring, and if you have anything bad to say about them, then people think that your taste is not developed enough.


  2. I just tell people ‘oh I’ll add it to my pile’ and I do, it’s just at the end, and then by the time I actually get to it, everyone is off reading the next best thing. I’ve come to embrace the recommendations and ignore people who go ‘you haven’t read that!’


      1. Ha! Tell me about it! I’m still reading books that were 1) released and 2) popular (according to Goodreads) last (2015) March/April/May. My list is so long that if I ever do finish it I will be very amazed! 🙂


  3. I do feel a pressure sometimes, but most of the time I DO want to read them anyway because I want to see what all the fuss is about. From my shelves at the minute, I think the one I’m more pressured to read is Six of Crows. So many people adore it, and I’m pretty sure I will too. I’ll just take my time getting round to it 😆


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