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Book Unhaul | June 2016


I recently came back home for a few weeks after finishing university, and like the bookworm I am of course I had boxes full of books waiting for me to come home to.

I rarely get rid of books unless I have read them and will never read them again, if I have had them for a really long time and just know I will never read them, or if I have started collecting a different version of the series or format. In this unhaul there are a mixture.


In the first stack of books you might notice that they are all series. All of which I have read and do have intentions of finishing, but either I have a different version of the series such as the Harry Potter books, or I am collecting the series as ebooks because it is so much cheaper.

As for the Divergent trilogy, they have been read but I doubt I will ever have the desire to reread them.


This pile is a bit different as it involves books I have read, books I didn’t get round to finishing, and books I only bought because I could not because I wanted to.

I have read The DUFF and Every day and I did actually enjoy them but like the Divergent trilogy I doubt I will ever want to read them again. As for My True Love Gave To Me, as much as I wanted to read it and enjoy it I just couldn’t get into the short story style and ended up putting it down.

The rest of the books are books I bought because of the hype or because they were on offer at my local bookstore. This happens a lot where I will really want a book but its on a buy one get one half price offer and I end up just picking up a random book to get the offer.

As much as I would love to keep all of these books I am moving out next year and need the space so I need to start letting go of things and that includes books.

Sadly, I am not rolling in money and cannot afford to ship any of these books to you lot even though I wish I could, so I am doing the next best thing and taking them to my local charity shop.

Do you get rid of books you’ve read/horded for awhile? How do you decide which books to get rid of?


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