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Favourite Female Authors


Today is International Women’s Day and in celebration of this I thought I would share with you my favourite female authors and why I love them!

Harper Lee

The author of the much loved classic and my favourite book To Kill A Mockingbird.  Not only is it a classic that teaches people about right and wrong but it has characters that will stick with you forever. Despite her passing this year I am sure that Harper Lee’s work will continue to inspire others.

Marissa Meyer

Now if you don’t know what The Lunar Chronicles are then you must have been living under a rock for the past year. Marissa Meyer is a young adult author who has made our much loved fairytale come to life in a whole new light.  By far one of my favourite series I have read in a long time.

Rainbow Rowell

This New York Times best selling author is just amazing. Every book she writes she has a different set of characters you can attach yourself to. Her female characters are especially unique and not what you always come across in young adult or new adult fiction. Everything she writes is brilliant, and even if I don’t like the plot I still end up appreciating the story. Attachments and Landline are just brilliant and some of my favourite books.

Holly Smale

The Geek Girl series may seem like a children’s book but who cares! Harriet Manners is the character that gives all girls that confidence to try something new. Who cares if you get bullied at school because you know all of the names of every dinosaur that ever walked the Earth, you can still be a supermodel and prove them wrong!

Lindsey Kelk

I have spoken so many times about Lindsey Kelk and her books and that is because this woman never fails to give me a book that puts a smile on my face. Her I Heart Series makes me laugh out loud and helps me to realise that one day I too can be a journalist like Angela and hopefully, it won’t all be doom and gloom. Her novels are brilliant for those looking to get into New Adult and Adult fiction.


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