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25 Bookish Facts About Me

25 BOOKISH FACTSYou may have seen this tag going around YouTube and the Book Blogger community recently, and although I have not been tagged I thought it would be a nice way to let you all get to know a bit more about me.

The Start

  • I only started getting into reading, reviewing and collecting books back in 2013.
  • The first series I ever finished was the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer.
  • The books that got me into reading again were The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins.
  • The first BookTuber I ever watched was Katy Tastic.
  • The first book I ever cried at whilst reading was Looking For Alaska.

My Favourites and Reading Routines

  • My favourite book is To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.
  • I studied this book in school and received top marks in my exam despite never actually finishing it – I then promised my teacher I would read it again all the way through and that was when it became my favourite.
  • Looking For Alaska is my next favourite book and my favourite Young Adult novel.
  • Young Adult is my favourite genre to read but I am swaying more to New Adult as I get older.
  • I prefer paperbacks to hardbacks.
  • Sometimes I prefer to read on my kindle due to the ease of travelling with it and lighting at night.
  • My kindle is called Alaska after Looking for Alaska.
  • When reading first became a hobby for me back in 2013 I would read between 5 to 7 books a week.
  • 90% of the time I will have a cup of tea with me whilst I read.
  • I find it very hard to read with other people around me/talking in the background so I have to hide in my room to really get into a book.

Book Blogs and More

  • I have had two book blogs in the past – one on blogger and this one – the first got deleted when I transferred to WordPress.
  • When I started blogging it was because I wanted something new for my CV but I never realised I would fall in love with it and that it would become such a hue part of my life.
  • I have also had 2 BookTube channels in the past – both under the same name – I stopped it when I moved to university, tried to start it up again but then just decided to stick to blogging.
  • Blogging did make me want to stop reading from the pressure of having a schedule – this is why I now just upload whenever I finish a book or have an idea for another blog post – I try to keep it regular.
  • Reaching 200 followers, although it may be small compared to other blogs was a massive achievement for me and made me so proud of my blog.


  • I have not read the entire Harry Potter series – it is one of my goals for 2016.
  • I prefer writing short reviews because it makes them spoiler free and I have reading long reviews.
  • I love bookstagram but I have on and off moments where I will post a lot or be absent for a week – I am trying to change that.
  • I am the only person in my immediate family who reads often – my family don’t even understand why I want to keep all of my books after I have read them.
  • Although I love reading I don’t think I would enjoy being an official book reviewer/journalist on a books section of a newspaper/magazine because I am scared it will make reading a chore instead of a hobby.

9 thoughts on “25 Bookish Facts About Me

  1. TKAM is my favorite book too! I was so sad to learn of Harper Lee’s passing last week. I gathered from your spelling that you live in the UK (I think?), is TKAM the same literature class staple there that it is in the US?


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