Discussion: Reading In Season

Reading in Season (1)I have seen a few blog posts recently about reading books in line with season and I thought I would share my own views on this.

Reading in season means that in October you read horror stories, in the spring and summer you read contemporary stories, in Winter you read fantasy or Christmas stories and so on.

I like to read in season as it usually goes with my mood. For example in the summer when its warm and sunny I like to read happy contemporary novels as it fits with how I am feeling. This goes for the likes of Christmas and Valentine’s Day. By reading Christmas books or romance novels it puts me in the mood for the holiday.

However, I don’t think we should restrict ourselves to only reading those books during their correlating seasons. If you want to read a Christmas book in Summer then you should feel like you can.

This goes with the pressure to only read books on your monthly TBR. I like to set a TBR to have a plan as to what I need to read that month, but at the same time I feel that if you change your mind or you’re not in the mood to read a certain genre then you shouldn’t have to.

I also feel that the publishing industry adds to this need to read in season. Books about Christmas come out just before Christmas so you want to read them in that season. Also book stores try to up sales of certain books depending on the season. You will see tables designated to horror stories in October, romance novels in February and happy, contemporary’s in Summer.

Although I find it is better to read certain books in season when the atmosphere is right I overall believe that we should just read whatever we want whenever we want.

Do you read in season? 

If you need some Valentine’s Day reading inspiration check out my top 7 romance novels over on Buzzfeed.


8 thoughts on “Discussion: Reading In Season

  1. I don’t see it as an issue if people like to read in season, but I hardly ever do it myself. I don’t tend to read contemporary a lot so through the summer I’m usually reading fantasy, since that’s my favourite. But at the minute I’m really wanting to read contemporaries, even though it’s “not the season”. I just tend to read whatever I feel like at the time 🙂


  2. I don’t read in season. I just read whatever I’m in the mood for. The only exception is Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday, and so I always want to watch and read anything scary around that time.


  3. The only season I read in is probably December; holiday and fantasies. In summer, I usually lean toward contemporary romance or the fluffier side of YA. I don’t usually read for Valentine’s Day though!


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