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How I Store My Books: University

How I StoreUnlike other bookworms I don’t have a bookshelf to display all of my lovely books at home or at university so I have to improvise. Today I wanted to share with you how I store my books and see if any of your have tips on storing books.In my first year of university I have two wall shelves I used to store my books but when I first moved into my second year flat I had nothing!

Luckily for me my landlord was nice enough to let me put up a shelf because there is no room for a standing bookcase where I live.


At the moment I use this shelf as my TBR shelf but for books that I need to get to sooner than others on my TBR. I know I could put up more shelves but I have a small room and I don’t think it would look right to have lots of shelves everywhere.

As a bookworm I clearly have more books than the ones on this shelf so I had to improvise and find a space for my books where they wouldn’t get damaged.

At the bottom of my bed I have two boxes. One for food and now one for books.


In here I keep the books I have read, along with books in a series I still need to get to or TBR books that can wait for now. Everything is split up into piles. I keep one book from each series on my shelf and once I have read it, it then goes back into this box and the next one comes out.


I do wish I could have them all on display but right now that is just not possible. At the same time though having this storage situation makes me more hesitant to buy books I don’t need which is great when you are on a student budget.

How do you store your books? Do you have any ideas I could use to help with my book situation?



6 thoughts on “How I Store My Books: University

  1. I have the same issue. I don’t currently have any room for bookshelves in my house, so I have to keep all of my books in storage boxes. I use clear boxes so I can sort of see them and pretend I have a bookshelf! Haha 😀 I put the books I’m planning on reading next in the boxes I keep out in my bedroom and the rest go into smaller ones under my bed or in the closet. My desk also has a small shelf attached to it, so I use that to store some of my books as well.


  2. If you have closet for clothes in your uni apartment, you row for books haha 🙂
    Had to leave all my books at home when I moved to uni apartment… 200 books they are not going to fit anywhere no matter how I try


  3. I can relate completely – it’s a huge struggle displaying my books in college! I’m looking forward to graduating in around three months and being able to buy an actual bookshelf to properly display my lovely books.


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