Discussion: Why do we read?

discussion-Reading is a past time that I love and one that many people take time out of their day to do. With book bloggers and booktube, reading and buying books has become even more popular, but why do we read?

Reading is brilliant for the younger generation as it gets people to open up their imagination and can expand your vocabulary. When I was in school we were taught to read as much as possible, no matter what genre the book was, becuase it would help with your English later on in life. I have met a lot of people who’s first language isn’t English but they have been able to pick up the language through reading.

By taking time out to read we can relax. Sit down with a drink and maybe a snack. Our breathing softens and our brains yes may be working harder to take everything in, but we go into a trance like state. We can see the characters and the events going on in our head, we can hear their voices. We can become one with the story even if we are in a crowded coffee shop or just sat at home on our beds. It becomes a natural way to unwind.

Reading can also take us places, many of which are much better than our current world, the rainy town we live in or follow characters with a much more exciting life than the one we lead. It can take our minds away from the troubles and worries that are going on at home whether it be money, a sickness or just an exam stressing you out. By reading we forget about everything that is going on in our lives and start focusing on the lives of our favourite characters. It distracts us from our reality with a story that we sometimes wish was real.

Not everybody reads. Many people will leave school and never pick up a book again unless they have to. But they still have their hobbies and passions which they use as a distraction tool. The gym, TV, playing an instrument or even napping. Sometimes we need to escape from this world and that movie or gym session gives us an hour to forget, before we face up to our life again.

Why do you read? Let me know in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “Discussion: Why do we read?

  1. I think I just adore knowing so many stories. I always want to know more, I just get so fascinated. It makes me wonder how someone could create such a wonderful story for me to see in my head while I read. It’s like magic, I love it! ❤


  2. I think I mainly read to travel in space and in time, wether it is in an imaginary place or not, I love to discover all of those places! Of course I like the idea that I can always learn something from a book that might get me out of difficult situation someday. I like seeing how the different authors use the language for their purpose and even more interesting how one author can have more than one way to write. And I like meeting the new characters in every book I start. I love wondering about where they are going to take us and how they would react to a certain situation.


  3. I read for the escapism it offers- with the turn of a few pages you are quickly transported to another world, filled with different characters and surroundings. I love how a good book really fires your imagination as your mind visualises your words. 😊📚


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