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Books I Want To Re-Read

social media e-courseFollowing on from my last post about my thoughts on rereading books I thought I would share with you all some of the books I do want to reread eventually.


The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitsgerald

I read this book and watched the move and just fell in love with the story of Gatsby. I usually don’t read many classics but this book is so fun and full of hidden meanings and messages I really want to reread it in order to see things differently this time.


To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Now those of you who have read my previous post will know that I did reread half of this book but it is actually one of my favourite books and Atticus is by far my favourite literary hero of all time. I studied this book at school and therefore already understand the messages of this book but they are messages I think everybody needs to learn which is why I really want to reread this book again.


Looking for Alaska by John Green

I have two copies of this book and for me Looking For Alaska was better than TFIOS. I loved the characters more and the setting of the boarding school. This soon became my favourite young adult book but I have forgotten all of the little details that made me love this book which is the reason for my longing to reread it.


The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

This is my second favourite book by John Green and it did very much make me cry. I loved this book but was disappointed by the movie so I would like to reread the book to relight my love once again.

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The Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu

This is my all time favourite young adult dystopian series. I loved The Hunger Games and Divergent but the story of June and Day is my favourite. My flatmate is currently reading this book and it saddens me to not be able to remember all of the details that she keeps talking about which is why I really want to reread this series.

What books do you want to reread? Do you feel guilty for rereading books and not reading your unread books? 


7 thoughts on “Books I Want To Re-Read

  1. The first two I’ve read, but not since high school; need to read TKAM, especially if I’m going to read Watchman at some point. Those two John Green books are the two I haven’t read (the ones I’ve read are Abundance of Katherines and Paper Towns).

    Good blog post, come visit mine and comment!


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