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1 Year Blogiversary & Giveaway

1 year blogiversaryI started this little book blog a year ago today. At first I just wanted somewhere to share my thoughts on books but I never thought I would enjoy it so much.

Over the year I have been up and down with this blog. some months I would hardly ever post and others I would put all my time into it. Now in 2016 with this blog 1 year old I can honestly say that I love it.

I have always wanted to blog and now I have a space where I feel comfortable enough to share my own opinions on things that mean a lot to me. Books!

I have met some great people through this blog and hope that in the future I will make even more friends.

With now over 170 followers I am shocked to even think that something that only started a year ago has grown so much. I know it may not be much compared to other bloggers but to me it is amazing to think that 170 people want to read what I have to say.

Now I have even started up a small bookclub through this blog, The Blogger Bookclub. It may only just be starting out but it only happened because of this blog.

In honour of my blogiversary I have decided to do an international giveaway for my followers. To enter the giveaway and be in with a chance to win a £10 Amazon gift card click here.

Thank you so much so sticking around whether it has been for a day or for months. Hopefully 2016 will be an even better year!



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