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My Goals for 2016

Have a spectacular (1)A new year is round the corner and so I thought it would be fitting to share with you my goals for 2016, both personal and bookish.

Be Positive

I admit that I do worry a lot about little things and I don’t always see the good side of things. My main goal is just to be more positive about myself and events in my life.

Finish my TBR

By this I only mean my university and Kindle TBR shelf. I have over 20 books to read here with my at university and I want to make sure that I complete them all before collecting any more. Now I did this last year and I failed slightly so this year I really want to stick to it. However, if I am giving a book for review, as a gift or I am given book vouchers then I am allowed to buy a book.

Keep to a blog schedule

I had so much fun uploading every day over bookmas and I have decided from now on I will have a blog schedule, where I upload twice a week. The days have not been decided yet, but I think this will be good for you (the readers) as you will know when to expect something from me.

Write more articles, fiction and blog posts

As you may know I am a journalism student and I do wish to write more. Whether that be for this blog, other blogs, online websites, newspapers or magazines, or even writing fiction. I did enjoy NaNoWriMo this year and I do want to revise my novel over 2016.

Read 60 books

I am not going to try and set myself a goal that isn’t realistic and say I will read 100 books in 2016, but at the same time I want a challenge, so I will be keeping my 60 books reading goal on Goodreads for the following year.

Read more classics

I have signed up to take part in the 2016 classics challenge hosted by Pretty Books. The aim is to read one classic a month and then talk about your experience. I have two classics with me at university that have been sitting on my shelf for nearly two years now so it’s a bout time I got round to them.

Put me first

I am always so busy and I rarely have time to go to the gym, sit down and watch a film or just have a bubble bath. In 2016 I want to accomplish a lot but at the same time I need to realise that sometimes I need to put myself first and make sure I get the down time I need.

Reach 500 followers

This blog has slowly but surely taken off this year and I can’t believe I have over 100 followers already. Books WIth Ems has become a big part of my life now and I really just want to make it bigger and better for all of my followers.

What are your goals of 2016? 

As a side note I am debating starting a book club/monthly reading goal on this blog. Each month I will either pick a specific book or a challenge such as finish a series and that will be my goal but also your goal for the month if you wish to participate. Please let me know your thoughts on starting up a bookclub through this blog.


11 thoughts on “My Goals for 2016

  1. I definitely need to work on finishing all the books in my TBR file before I get any more! If only people would just stop releasing such interesting books for a couple of weeks so I can catch up… If you started a book club do you think you’ll have a specific genre, or mix it up? I’d definitely be interested, either way, as joining a book club is on my 30 Before Thirty list 🙂


  2. Some of these resolutions are the same/similar to mine 🙂 The idea of a book club sounds interesting! I always want to join book clubs but I find it hard to go out and buy specific books to join in with every month, so if I joined any I’d only participate in certain months, depending on the month (if that makes any sense?). The idea about there being a challenge is interesting though!


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