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Discussion: Cover changes | Bookmas Day 22

style iconThere has been a lot of talk on social media over cover changes recently and I wanted to share my thoughts.

The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski has recently had a cover change and it has upset fans for many different reasons. However today I am not going to talk about the reasons as to why they are angry but instead my views on cover changes.

When a book or a series gets a cover change it can be good or it can be terrible. No bookworm wants books that don’t match on their shelves. It is especially annoying when covers change half way though a series, meaning you have no choice but to have your collection be a mix of  covers that don’t match.

I will always try to get covers that match, but if my covers didn’t match I wouldn’t then decide not to read the rest of the series just for the sake of a pretty bookshelf. This is what some readers have been tweeting Marie Rutkoski with, telling her that they will not be finishing the series just because of the cover.

Now we all judge a book by its cover at some point, and I too hold my hands up and say that I have not picked up books because the cover didn’t interest me.

I have also had books where the covers have changes or the size or format of the books have changed so instead of having two paperbacks and one hardback, instead I opt for the ebook. it doesn’t matter what the ebook looks like because nobody is going to see the cover.

I honestly think that cover changes, although annoying for book collectors, shouldn’t really matter too much. Yes you may or may not like the new covers but that book is not its cover. The story is the only part of that novel that matters. So whether it has a beautiful cover or if it is tatty and worn it should not make you want to read that book or complete that series any less.

If fans of the Winner’s Curse don’t want to complete the series because of a cover change then they are the ones missing out on a story that could be the best they have ever read.

It’s what’s inside that counts.

Let me know your thoughts on cover changes in the comments.

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