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My Bookish Pet Peeves | Bookmas Day 17

My Bookish Pet PeevesAs a self renowned bookworm I spend a lot of time reading or looking at new books. But that also means I have my own way of doing things and can get very annoyed when people start to play up my peeves.

Do not disturb: When I am reading I feel that it is common knowledge, especially to other book worms, not to disturb somebody. The worst thing you could do whilst I am sat reading it come up to me and start a conversation. Reading for me is a silent activity.

What are you reading? Leading on from my first point, when somebody comes up to speak to you whilst you are reading to then ask what you are reading can get very annoying. Nine out of ten times the person talking is able to see the front cover to know what book you are reading. What can be worse is when people who never read and have no interest in your book, ask you what you are reading because they are bored and wish to talk to entertain themselves.

Reading is not something worthwhile: Many a time I would be sat in my room for hours reading, and then get told off because I am not doing something. Sitting and watching TV all night with the family is fine, but once you pick up a book… oh no you are wasting your time.

Borrowing: I don’t mind lending my books to people, in fact I do it quite a lot. But there are some rules when it comes to borrowing, and reading the book in an acceptable length of time and returning it in the same condition you revived it in are big ones.

Keeping the book after you read it: I have multiple copies of the same book, mainly because they are different editions of classics or they are signed or the movie covers or just because it is my favourite book. But I can’t fathom why some people don’t understand why booklovers do not throw out a book once they have read it. You don’t throw out a DVD once you’ve watched it once, even if you know you will never watch it again.

Noise: As I have already mentioned reading is a silent activity – most of the time. What annoys me the most is when people know you are reading yet they still decide that then and there is the right moment in their life to hoover, play music full blast and start practising the drums. It’s just about being considerate sometimes.

This may have seemed like a rant but those were some of my bookish pet peeves. Let me know if you agree or disagree with some of my peeves and tell me what annoys you.



One thought on “My Bookish Pet Peeves | Bookmas Day 17

  1. I agree with so many of these! I do admit, I love finding out what people are reading so I’m sometimes that person asking “What are you reading?”, BUT I never ask while they’re actually reading it, and I have a genuine interest in the answer. I have a friend that loves reading and her parents always say she shouldn’t read so much because she’s just sat doing nothing and I’ve never understood that. My dad is one of those people that encourages me to read as much as I do haha! The same with collecting books.


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