Bookmas 2015

Travel Reading | Bookmas Day 10


Today I am off home for a few days which means I need books for my journey. There are a few different ways and books that I prefer to read when travelling which I thought I would share with you today.

Lucky my journey isn’t a long one so I only need one book to keep me entertained.

The perfect travel reading for me is something easy and short like a graphic novel. This means you can just sit back and relax instead of having to focus.

Graphic novels are also quick to read so you can feel like you’ve actually accomplished something even if it’s a short journey.

I’m going to be finishing Nimona by Noelle Stevenson whilst I’m at the airport.

But when reading whilst travelling I much prefer reading on my kindle. Books are great but using a kindle is so much easier. It’s smaller and compact do you can easily get it in and out of your bag.

Books also weight a lot which means have a kindle instead of a book gives you a lot more luggage allowance to work with.

Plus you then have so many more books to choose from!

Do you read on a journey? What platform do you prefer to read from?


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