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Are Reading Goals a Good Idea? Mini Discussion| Bookmas Day 9

14I try to set myself a reading goal on Goodreads every year, but every time I always end up feeling pressured to read quicker or lower my goal in order to feel the pride of completing it.

This year I first set my goal at 100 and after a few months that went down to 70, then 60 and now finally 50 books. But I am still 3 books behind schedule.

Now although this is sparing me on to read more before the year is up I feel a sense of doubt that I will even be able to complete it and not completing it by 2 or 3 books I know will upset me.

I have always loved reading goals, especially when you are ahead, but in a way, like TBR’s, you are not always in the mood to read what you planned to read and therefore instead of wanting to read you can feel like you have to read, taking the fun right out of it.

But reading goals can be good. As soon as I am on track or a head on my goal it makes me want to keep reading to stay on track.

Being behind on a goal is meant to making you want to catch up, but sometimes it can have the opposite affect. You may think that there is no way you are going to catch up so instead you don’t even bother.

We all go through reading highs and lows and that is why I think goals should be realistic. If you read 40 books last year then how do you think you will read 100 books this year?

I am terrible at making over ambition goals and then realising half way through that i need to lower my expectations.

What are your thoughts on reading goals?



4 thoughts on “Are Reading Goals a Good Idea? Mini Discussion| Bookmas Day 9

  1. Although I am not against reading goals, I am not really for them either. I LOVE reading so much, and I feel like by making goals (that I will want to reach, obviously) I am making reading into a chore. You’re right when you say that when you’re not reaching them it’s easy to get discouraged and then just stop all together – and I don’t want that for myself. I am that person who would rush through a book to finish it and move onto the next one, just to reach my goal, not really taking in or appreciating the book. So for myself, I don’t set reading goals. I really like your thoughts on this though, are you going to keep setting reading goals?


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