Bookmas 2015

Bookish Christmas Gift Ideas | Bookmas Day 4

bookish gift ideas

Disclaimer: None of the items or companies listed in this post are sponsoring this blog. These are just items and companies I personally believe bookworms might enjoy receiving for Christmas.

The Bookworm Boutique 

I follow this company on instagram and I actually own the ‘professional bookworm’ mug. They do so many cool bits and bombs with bookish slogans on them. Below are my two favourites.

Buy the mug | Buy the pillow

18889067_11301274-mugs11_l 19643000_10799703-plwfr2_l


You may have seen OwlCrate doing the rounds on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube but now there is a UK based book subscription box. I came across Illumicrate this week and I cannot wait to order one for myself! Visit their website


Bookmarks from Craftedvan

Craftedvan is an etsy shop that makes amazing magnetic bookmarks. They have featured in some of the OwlCrate boxes and are loved by many book bloggers and booktubers. I have included some of my favourites below. Visit their website here.

Buy the Tea Cup | Buy the Wanderlust Cloud


Laptop Stickers

I recently started putting stickers all over my laptop and I can’t wait to get some more. I found these bookish ones on Redbubble and they are so adorable!

Buy Sticker 1 | Buy heart sticker


Let me know if you have any of these items, and what bookish gift ideas you would recommend in the comments.


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