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Fire Colour One by Jenny Valentine


Fire Colour One by Jenny Valentine

5 stars

A short novel with one hell of a plot twist ending!

Goodreads:  A teenage girl will soon discover, there are some things which burn even brighter than fire.
Iris’s father Ernest is at the end of his life.
Her best friend Thurston seems like a distant memory to her.
Her mother has declared war. She means to get her hands on Ernest’s priceless art collection so that she can afford to live the high life.
But Ernest has other ideas.
There are things he wants Iris to know. Things he can tell her and things that must wait till he’s gone.
What she does after that is up to her.

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Fire Colour One is a short but compelling novel tell you about the life of Iris and her father Ernest.

The plot included many flashbacks to Iris’s life with her family in America as well as Ernest’s life in the UK as he tells us his story on his death bed. The main aspect of this novel which stood out for me was the small cast of characters who each had distinct personalities.  Jenny Valentine was able to create characters you detested with Hannah and Lowell, characters you wanted to know more about with Thurston, and characters you felt sympathy for with Ernest.

Iris’s trait of being a pyromaniac also intrigued me as it was something I have never seen done before in a book. Although in reality the thought of knowing a pyromaniac who can’t control her want to set things alight is scary, I ended up wanting to know more about Iris and why she has this desire. Her story wasn’t scary but in fact sad once you learn about her life and the people she had to live with.

The whole book centres around Ernest telling Iris about his life and why they only met just before I is about to die. Ernest has so many secrets he needs Iris to know and when I found out what they were I was gob-smacked. The plot twist was something I never would have guested and Valentine did a brilliant job in hiding it.

Overall this book was nothing like I expected it to be and I am glad. I didn’t think I would enjoy it but wow it was brilliant and I would highly recommend you go read it.


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