How to make time for reading

As you may have realised I have not been posting much on this blog since I came back to university. It’s not because I’ve fallen out with all of my books and this blog but because I have been running around like a headless chicken.

University, work and other commitments have just gotten on top of me, but I do miss reading, so I have come up with some rules/tips to make sure I have time for reading.

Read before bed 

I used to always read before bed and I know that it is the one time many people tend to read. Maybe it is down to how our parents would read us a bed time story as to why it has become so common.

Reading before bed sets a routine and helps you stick with it. If you can get into a routine to read at a certain time of day such as before bed, then you will eventually not be able to get ready for bed unless you pick up a book.

Always carry a book

Many a time I have found myself waiting around for half an hour with nothing to do but go on my phone. Always having a book on you is the perfect way to pass the time. Only if you read a few pages it is still better than nothing. Kindle’s and audio books are great for this is you don’t have a bag big enough to fit a physical book in.

Put reading first

Over the past few weeks I have been swamped with work and instead of picking up a book to wind down I’ve been watching TV. Instead of putting on the TV or a YouTube video pick up that book that you keep putting off reading. Reading shouldn’t be a chore so by putting it first you create a habit, then it will soon become second nature to read in order to relax.

Those are my three tips on how to make time for reading. Hopefully I can stick to them but I still want to know what your tips are! Let me know in the comments below.


3 thoughts on “How to make time for reading

  1. I also suggest audio books for while you’re running around – waking, driving, etc 🙂 lots of ways to listen on your phone from your library to overdrive to audible.


  2. I’ve just started Uni and have read just one (for pleasure) novel so far. It’s sort of embarassing…but hopefully I’ll be able to get back on track when I get a routine.


  3. TV is a horrible thing XD after uni I seriously have no energy for books (am I really saying this o.O)
    For me it works to read a little every day, because sometimes I get the feeling that I must finish at least one book a day to catch up my Goodreads goal but as if hahaha so…small steps.


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