My Graphic Novel Expereince

IMG_3732Graphic Novel :

a novel in comic-strip format.
I have always been a Young Adult Romance fan and never ventured into uncharted waters such as the Graphic Novel section of the bookstore until this week. Due to participating in a readathon I thought that now would be the perfect time to try these short cartoon style books.
My novel of choice was Ms Marvel volume 1. Due to my love of all things Marvel at the moment and with DC not far behind on some of my favourite TV shows and movies I thought going with a franchise I know and love is the best option.
With graphic novels being so short it took me an hour to fly through it. My first thoughts were that it would be hard to know which part to read next, but everything flowed so smoothly.
The story itself was brilliant and with the diversity of the main character being a Muslim teenager it made the story more realistic and enjoyable. Although I did feel at times that I was 10 years old again reading a comic in a kids magazine, the art work was spectacular and really added to the plot.
After experiencing it first hand I can understand the hype not just around graphic novels but the Ms Marvel series. I am already hooked and wanting to buy the next two volumes. I always read books and picture them as if they were movies, and graphic novels have brought characters that I love to life.
Five stars to Ms Marvel!
5 stars
What are your thoughts on graphic novels? Have you read Ms Marvel? Which graphic novels should I try next? Let me know in the comments below.

9 thoughts on “My Graphic Novel Expereince

  1. love graphic novels! I recently read Injustice: Gods Among Us by DC and loved it! you should check it out. If you’re curious to know more I’ll have a review up soon. 🙂 happy reading


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