Marathoning Series

Photo credit: photographybyash-Flickr
Photo credit: photographybyash-Flickr


Series are my favourite books to read as you get to carry on living inside that world, with those characters and everything feels real, as long as you have another book to read next. But marathoning series isn’t always the best thing to do.

I love falling in love with a series and that feeling you get when you finish the first book and just need to pick up the second. The Legend Trilogy and The Selection Series are just two series which have had this affect on me.

Knowing that you get to keep learning about these characters and follow them on their journeys makes you want to keep turning those pages. But once the series is over what do you do?

I always find myself in a reading slump once I have finished a series I highly enjoyed. Nothing else seems to compare to it and after becoming so emerging in that one world I am relentless to try another.

Although Marathoning can get your TBR Pile down very quickly, it can also build it up. Take the Vampire Academy series for example, even if you get into it you still have to spend out on the follow books and this isn’t just a trilogy.

Marathoning series has always been a logical option for me but recently I have tried to stager my series to make them last longer overall.

Do you marathon books or series? What was your favourite series you marathoned? Let me know in the comments below.

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One thought on “Marathoning Series

  1. Earlier this year, I had to re-read the Thoughtless Series by S.C. Stephens just before Thoughtful (the 4th in series) was released. I wanted all the characters and plot fresh in my mind to enjoy the series in its totality.


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