Non-fiction is not for me

7321688650_33d0674f87_bAs a book lover I strive to try and read different genres. But Non-Fiction is a genre that I just can’t get my head around.

The majority of us will read non-fiction is it is an autobiography, a cook book or something we need for school.

Non-fiction is good for learning something new, and although I love learning new things, it is just not for me.

I find non-fiction to be rather dull and boring, and this tends to be the case because it isn’t always something I am interested in. Fiction on the other hand is more descriptive and you can amerce yourself in the world and give faces to characters in your mind instead of having pictures.

I appreciate fiction more than non-fiction as the author has had to create the whole world, characters and events, where as non-fiction tends to be based off people or events that have already happened.

Non-fiction can also be long winded and not always get straight to the point which can be frustrating. It can be easier to just Google what you are interested in finding out. I understand that the same can be said for fiction in terms of waiting for the movie instead of reading the book.

Overall I respect non-fiction but fiction can be so much more creative and the stories can stick with you unlike a few random facts that might be useful in a pub quiz.

What are your views on Non-fiction? Useful? Exiting? Dull? Let me know in the comments below.book sign off


2 thoughts on “Non-fiction is not for me

  1. I find that reading nonfiction about something I’m interested in can be really interesting, actually. I won’t read it, usually, in the same way I read novels–all the way through in one go. I’m more likely to read nonfiction in pieces unless it has a narrative quality. And actually, I avoid plain biographies because those bore me more often than not xD


  2. I think it depends what non- fiction book you read. Indeed, some of non- fiction books might be boring. On the other hand, there are many boring and dull fiction books too. I particularly appreciate non- fiction books on history and social issues. Some of them are written like a novel and you cannot put them down. If somebody really cannot bear non- fiction historical fiction for example, might be better option.


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