Kindle vs Paperback

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It has been almost a whole year since I got my Kindle Paperwhite for my birthday and after reading quite a few book on it I think it is time for a round up.

Before I got a Kindle I was one of those, “I will never get a kindle” people, because I preferred physical books. I’m still that same person, well slightly….

I do love my kindle, I call her Alaska from Looking for Alaska. There is no doubt that Kindle books save me more money and I seem to get through them a lot faster than hardback or paperback books.

But the preference still stands. Physical books are still my favourite, mainly due to having them on my book shelf and the smell of a new book. I am the same with CD’s. I would rather buy a CD than a download.

However, owning a kindle has opened up new doors for me. Netgalley is a free service where you can request ebooks to read and review. Before having my kindle I could not do this as reading on my phone or laptop gave me headaches.

Overall I will always want to buy  the physical book but it all depends on my current financial situation as to whether or not I opt for the ebook version.

What are your views on Kindles? What do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below.



2 thoughts on “Kindle vs Paperback

  1. eReaders are great for Netgalley, and also I find them a lot easier to read on the go. That said, I think i actually remember more of a book when I’ve read it in paperback or hardback, which is a bit strange…


  2. I love to own a physical copy, but i prefer to read on my ereader. I read so much more with one and its much easier. I have bad eye sight so being able to change line spacing, margins and font size is a must for me. They do make it far too easy to spend way too much money in 2 am book buying sprees though.


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