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To Kill A Mockingbird Sequel!



I never post twice in one day but this announcement is well worth it!

To Kill a Mockingbird is a classic that many people may have studied whilst at school and I have just relieved an email from Waterstones telling me that Harper Lee is publishing a sequel!

To Kill a Mockingbird followed the girl Scout and her the events that took place over summer.

Now Harper Lee’s new novel Go Set a Watchman is said to be the sequel to the well known classic.

Harper Lee says: “In the mid-1950s, I completed a novel called Go Set a Watchman. It features the character known as Scout as an adult woman and I thought it a pretty decent effort. My editor, who was taken by the flashbacks to Scout’s childhood, persuaded me to write a novel from the point of view of the young Scout. I was a first-time writer, so I did as I was told. I hadn’t realized it had survived, so was surprised and delighted when my dear friend and lawyer Tonja Carter discovered it. After much thought and hesitation I shared it with a handful of people I trust and was pleased to hear that they considered it worthy of publication. I am humbled and amazed that this will now be published after all these years.” – From the Waterstones email.

Go Set A Watchman is due to be released July 14th 2015 and it is available to pre-order now!

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Are you as excited for this as I am?




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